Our Corporation‘s Common Goal …

At Carnival Corporation & plc, our highest responsibility and top priorities are to operate safely, to protect the environment, and to be in compliance everywhere we operate in the world. On this foundation, we aspire to deliver unmatched joyful vacations for our guests, always exceeding their expectations and in doing so driving outstanding shareholder value.

We are committed to a positive and just corporate culture, based on inclusion and the power of diversity. We operate with integrity, trust and respect for each other seeking collaboration, candor, openness and transparency at all times.

And we intend to be an exemplary corporate citizen leaving the people and the places we touch even better.


… And Expected Behaviors …


Speak up

Respect & Protect



Listen & Learn


… Delivered in the AIDA Way

UNITED we are COLORFUL, we show RESPECT, we have PASSION, we build TRUST for a SAFE, SUCCESSFUL and SUSTAINABLE future.

• I am COLORFUL because I enjoy working in a diverse team; I am friendly, engaging and integrating; I stay curious and open minded

• I show RESPECT by valuing and caring for the individual; treating people equally and with kindness; taking the time to listen

• I have PASSION as I am proactive and innovative; I am ambitious for results; I deliver high quality and service; my enthusiasm and energy contribute to a happy environment; I exceed guest expectations

• I build TRUST by being fully committed to safety & environmental protection; being honest and transparent in my communications; acting responsibly, reliably and compliant; learning and allowing people to develop; being a professional and valuable partner

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